Nuno Felt Workshops


I offer three  workshops, taught in my La Mesa, California studio.  If you are interested in one of these classes, this is how it works:  Find two other people who are interested as well.  At that point we can arrange a class on a day that is doable for everyone.  Alternately, if you are interested but do not have a friend or two who are as well, let me know and I can put you together with other single interested parties.   Days that are available to schedule are, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  I do require a minimum of three students to schedule a workshop.

Basic Nuno Felt Workshop

Nuno Felt Scarf Workshop

Felt Bracelet Workshop

These are one day classes

Tuition for each workshop is $85


The Basic Nuno Felt Class

Teaches a direct and easy nuno felting technique. You will make pieces suitable for pillow covers,

wall hangings or small purses.  You will explore surface embellishment 

and make silk paper and pre-felts to use in your designs.            

                                                              Limit 6 students.

  Workshop tuition $ 85                $5 materials fee for silk paper


10:00 - 5:00 


The Nuno Felt Scarf Class

In this workshop we will explore the manipulation and placement of wool fleece

on silk and cotton cloth, “drawing” and embellishing a design in wool ,

creating  soft gathers and drape, shaping these materials into

                         a wearable piece of art.                                        Limit 3 students


10:00 - 5:00                  

Workshop tuition   $85


Felt Bracelet Class

In this class you will make two felt rope bracelets. One with a wire core

and the other to be finished with hidden stitches.  You will also make a flat felt cuff. 

Both wet felt, nuno and needle felting techniques will be used. 

Although you will make bracelets in this class, the techniques you learn can

be applied to other felt and fiber projects. 

For example necklaces, purse handles, and belts to name a few. 

You will also learn a quick and easy way to make felt beads.

                                                                             Limit 6 students


10:00 - 5:00

Workshop tuition   $85


To register for a class:

Email me at  to check on dates and availability. 

Upon receipt of payment I will send a supply list of  the items you will need to bring to class.

You can purchase the harder to find items, for example cotton scrim , hand painted wool roving,  “Groovy”  fulling matt, and needle felting kit, from me the day of the class.  

Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have regarding my workshops.   619  462-0007  or on my cell    619   861-5208

I look forward to seeing you soon in one of these fun and creative classes.